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The Muppets Promo
2015-07-22 by thepoperopeThe Muppetsdiscuss

Second Chance trailer
2015-07-22 by thepoperopeSecond Chancediscuss
Second Chanse was previously known as "Lookinglass" and "The Frankensteinn Code".

FOX already cut the number of episodes from 13 to 11 and with the name changes it seems that FOX is having a hard time giving this show a place on it's network.

Zoo trailer
2015-07-11 by thepoperopeZoodiscuss

Doctor Who season 9 trailer and returndate
2015-07-10 by thepoperopeDoctor Whodiscuss

The Brink trailer
2015-06-25 by thepoperopeThe Brinkdiscuss

Proof Trailer
2015-06-25 by thepoperopeProofdiscuss

Ballers end season trailer
2015-06-24 by thepoperopeBallersdiscuss

2015-06-23 by thepoperopeComplicationsdiscuss

The Whispers trailer
2015-06-03 by thepoperopeThe Whispersdiscuss

Motive renewed for season 4 by CTV and Canceled by ABC
2015-06-01 by thepoperopeMotivediscuss
Motive is renewed for season 4 by CTV (Canada).

ABC however canceled the show after 3 seasons, And It's unclear whether another platform or network will pickup the fourth season for US audiences.

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