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Madam Secretary super extended trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeMadam Secretarydiscuss

Rush Extended Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeRushdiscuss

Once Upon a Time Season 4 first trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeOnce upon a timediscuss

The Newsroom season 3 teaser
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeThe Newsroomdiscuss

Helix Season 2 Teasers
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeHelixdiscuss

Revenge Season 4 Super Extended Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeRevengediscuss

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeAgents of SHIELDdiscuss
Marvel released their first trailer of season 2 of "Agents of SHIELD"
Coulson & his team work to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D. in the second season.

Banshee back in production for season 3
2014-09-15 by thepoperopeBansheediscuss

Supernatural Season 10 Promo
2014-09-12 by thepoperopeSupernaturaldiscuss
The year of the "Deanmon"

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Episode 1 Clip (HBO)
2014-09-06 by thepoperopeBoardwalk Empirediscuss
HBO has released a clip of Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Episode 1

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