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Under the Dome Season 2 promo & preview
2014-06-26 by thepoperopeUnder the Domediscuss

Salem trailer
2014-06-26 by thepoperopeSalemdiscuss

Halt and Catch Fire trailer
2014-06-26 by thepoperopeHalt and Catch Firediscuss

The last ship trailer
2014-06-26 by thepoperopeThe Last Shipdiscuss

Dexter has ended/canceled
2013-09-25 by thepoperopeDexterdiscuss
The final episode of Dexter has aired 22 September 2013.

Farewell Dexter!

Haven season 4 Teaser
2013-09-20 by thepoperopeHavendiscuss

Revenge season 3 trailer
2013-09-20 by thepoperopeRevengediscuss

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Trailer
2013-09-16 by thepoperopeAgents of SHIELDdiscuss

Hostages Trailer
2013-09-16 by thepoperopeHostagesdiscuss

The Crazy Ones Trailer
2013-09-16 by thepoperopeThe Crazy Onesdiscuss

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