Show: The Mentalist
Season: 6
Return Date: unknown

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S06E222014-05-18 Blue Bird
S06E212014-05-11 Black Hearts
S06E202014-05-04 Il Tavolo Bianco
S06E192014-04-27 Brown Eyed Girls
S06E182014-04-20 Forest Green
S06E172014-04-13 Silver Wings of Time
S06E162014-03-30 Violets
S06E152014-03-23 White As The Driven Snow
S06E142014-03-16 Grey Water
S06E132014-03-09 Black Helicopters
S06E122014-01-12 Golden Hammer
S06E112014-01-05 White Lines
S06E102013-12-08 Green Thumb
S06E092013-12-01 My Blue Heaven
S06E082013-11-24 Red John
S06E072013-11-17 The Great Red Dragon
S06E062013-11-10 Fire and Brimstone
S06E052013-10-27 The Red Tattoo
S06E042013-10-20 Red Listed
S06E032013-10-13 Wedding In Red
S06E022013-10-06 Black-Winged Red Bird
S06E012013-09-29 The Desert Rose
S05E222013-05-05 Red John's Rules
S05E212013-04-28 Red and Itchy
S05E202013-04-21 Red Velvet Cupcakes
S05E192013-04-14 Red Letter Day
S05E182013-03-24 Behind the Red Curtain
S05E172013-03-17 Red, White And Blue
S05E162013-03-10 There Will Be Blood
S05E152013-03-03 Red Lacquer Nail Polish
S05E142013-02-17 Red in Tooth and Claw
S05E132013-01-27 The Red Barn
S05E122013-01-13 Little Red Corvette
S05E112013-01-06 Days of Wine & Roses
S05E102012-12-09 Panama Red
S05E092012-11-25 Black Cherry
S05E082012-11-18 Red Sails in the Sunset
S05E072012-11-11 If It Bleeds, It Leads
S05E062012-11-04 Cherry Picked
S05E052012-10-28 Red Dawn
S05E042012-10-21 Blood Feud
S05E032012-10-14 Not One Red Cent
S05E022012-10-07 Devil's Cherry
S05E012012-09-30 The Red Glass Bead
S04E242012-05-17 The Crimson Hat
S04E232012-05-10 Red Rover, Red Rover
S04E222012-05-03 So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper
S04E212012-04-26 Ruby Slippers
S04E202012-04-05 Something's Rotten in Redmund
S04E192012-03-29 Pink Champagne on Ice
S04E182012-03-09 Ruddy Cheeks
S04E172012-03-08 Cheap Burgundy
S04E162012-02-23 His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
S04E152012-02-16 War of the Roses
S04E142012-02-09 At First Blush
S04E132012-02-02 Red Is The New Black
S04E122012-01-19 My Bloody Valentine
S04E112012-01-12 Always Bet on Red
S04E102011-12-15 Fugue in Red
S04E092011-12-08 The Redshirt
S04E082011-11-17 Pink Tops
S04E072011-11-03 Blinking Red Light
S04E062011-10-27 Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien
S04E052011-10-20 Blood and Sand
S04E042011-10-13 Ring Around the Rosie
S04E032011-10-06 Pretty Red Balloon
S04E022011-09-29 Little Red Book
S04E012011-09-22 Scarlet Ribbons
S03E242011-05-19 Strawberries & Cream (2)
S03E232011-05-19 Strawberries & Cream (1)
S03E222011-05-12 Rhapsody in Red
S03E212011-05-05 Like A Redheaded Stepchild
S03E202011-04-28 Redacted
S03E192011-04-07 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
S03E182011-03-31 The Red Mile
S03E172011-03-10 Bloodstream
S03E162011-02-24 Red Queen
S03E152011-02-17 Red Gold
S03E142011-02-10 Blood For Blood
S03E132011-02-03 Red Alert
S03E122011-01-20 Bloodhounds
S03E112011-01-06 Bloodsport
S03E102010-12-09 Jolly Red Elf
S03E092010-11-18 Red Moon
S03E082010-11-11 Ball of Fire
S03E072010-11-04 Red Hot
S03E062010-10-28 Pink Chanel Suit
S03E052010-10-21 The Red Ponies
S03E042010-10-14 Red Carpet Treatment
S03E032010-10-07 The Blood on His Hands
S03E022010-09-30 Cackle-Bladder Blood
S03E012010-09-23 Red Sky at Night
S02E232010-05-20 Red Sky in the Morning
S02E222010-05-13 Red Letter
S02E212010-05-06 18-5-4
S02E202010-04-29 Red All Over
S02E192010-04-22 Blood Money
S02E182010-04-08 Aingavite Baa
S02E172010-04-01 The Red Box
S02E162010-03-11 Code Red
S02E152010-03-04 Red Herring
S02E142010-02-11 Blood In, Blood Out
S02E132010-02-04 Redline
S02E122010-01-21 Bleeding Heart
S02E112010-01-14 Rose-Colored Glasses
S02E102009-12-17 Throwing Fire
S02E092009-12-10 A Price Above Rubies
S02E082009-11-19 His Red Right Hand
S02E072009-11-12 Red Bulls
S02E062009-11-05 Black Gold and Red Blood
S02E052009-10-29 Red Scare
S02E042009-10-15 Red Menace
S02E032009-10-08 Red Badge
S02E022009-10-01 The Scarlet Letter
S02E012009-09-24 Redemption
S01E232009-05-19 Red John's Footsteps
S01E222009-05-12 Blood Brothers
S01E212009-05-05 Miss Red
S01E202009-04-28 Red Sauce
S01E192009-04-07 A Dozen Red Roses
S01E182009-03-31 Russet Potatoes
S01E172009-03-24 Carnelian Inc.
S01E162009-03-17 Bloodshot
S01E152009-02-17 Scarlett Fever
S01E142009-02-10 Crimson Casanova
S01E132009-01-18 Paint It Red
S01E122009-01-13 Red Rum
S01E112009-01-06 Red John's Friends
S01E102008-12-16 Red Brick and Ivy
S01E092008-12-02 Flame Red
S01E082008-11-25 The Thin Red Line
S01E072008-11-18 Seeing Red
S01E062008-11-11 Red Handed
S01E052008-10-28 Redwood
S01E042008-10-21 Ladies in Red
S01E032008-10-14 Red Tide
S01E022008-09-30 Red Hair and Silver Tape
S01E012008-09-23 Pilot

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