White Collar is a Wrap.
2014-08-17 02:19:29.thepoperopediscuss
It looks like it's a wrap for the canceled show White Collar. Jeff King ( Writer / Director / Producer of White Collar and Continuum) posted this picture on twitter.

The final 6th season has 6 episodes and USAnetwork has not released the returndate yet.

Show: White Collar
Season: 5
Return Date: unknown

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S05E132014-01-30 Diamond Exchange
S05E122014-01-23 Taking Stock
S05E112014-01-16 Shot Through the Heart
S05E102014-01-09 Live Feed
S05E092013-12-19 No Good Deed
S05E082013-12-12 Digging Deeper
S05E072013-12-05 Quantico Closure
S05E062013-11-21 Ice Breaker
S05E052013-11-14 Master Plan
S05E042013-11-07 Controlling Interest
S05E032013-10-31 One Last Stakeout
S05E022013-10-24 Out Of The Frying Pan
S05E012013-10-17 At What Price
S04E162013-03-05 In the Wind
S04E152013-02-26 The Original
S04E142013-02-19 Shoot The Moon
S04E132013-02-05 Empire City
S04E122013-01-29 Brass Tacks
S04E112013-01-22 Family Business
S04E102012-09-18 Vested Interest
S04E092012-09-11 Gloves Off
S04E082012-09-04 Ancient History
S04E072012-08-28 Compromising Positions
S04E062012-08-21 Identity Crisis
S04E052012-08-14 Honor Among Thieves
S04E042012-07-31 Parting Shots
S04E032012-07-24 Diminishing Returns
S04E022012-07-17 Most Wanted
S04E012012-07-10 Wanted
S03E162012-02-28 Judgment Day
S03E152012-02-21 Stealing Home
S03E142012-02-07 Pulling Strings
S03E132012-01-31 Neighborhood Watch
S03E122012-01-24 Upper West Side Story
S03E112012-01-17 Checkmate
S03E102011-08-09 Countdown
S03E092011-08-02 On the Fence
S03E082011-07-26 As You Were
S03E072011-07-19 Taking Account
S03E062011-07-12 Scott Free
S03E052011-07-05 Veiled Threat
S03E042011-06-28 Dentist of Detroit
S03E032011-06-21 Deadline
S03E022011-06-14 Where There's a Will
S03E012011-06-07 On Guard
S02E162011-03-08 Under the Radar
S02E152011-03-01 Power Play
S02E142011-02-22 Payback
S02E132011-02-08 Countermeasures
S02E122011-02-01 What Happens in Burma
S02E112011-01-25 Forging Bonds
S02E102011-01-18 Burke's Seven
S02E092010-09-07 Point Blank
S02E082010-08-31 Company Man
S02E072010-08-24 Prisoner's Dilemma
S02E062010-08-17 In the Red
S02E052010-08-10 Unfinished Business
S02E042010-08-03 By the Book
S02E032010-07-27 Copycat Caffrey
S02E022010-07-20 Need to Know
S02E012010-07-13 Withdrawal
S01E142010-03-09 Out of the Box
S01E132010-03-02 Front Man
S01E122010-02-23 Bottlenecked
S01E112010-02-09 Home Invasion
S01E102010-02-02 Vital Signs
S01E092010-01-26 Bad Judgment
S01E082010-01-19 Hard Sell
S01E072009-12-04 Free Fall
S01E062009-11-27 All In
S01E052009-11-20 The Portrait
S01E042009-11-13 Flip of the Coin
S01E032009-11-06 Book of Hours
S01E022009-10-30 Threads
S01E012009-10-23 Pilot

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