Show: Torchwood
Season: 0
Return Date: canceled

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S04E102011-09-15 The Blood Line
S04E092011-09-08 The Gathering
S04E082011-09-01 End of the Road
S04E072011-08-25 Immortal Sins
S04E062011-08-18 The Middle Men
S04E052011-08-11 The Categories of Life
S04E042011-08-04 Escape to L.A.
S04E032011-07-28 Dead of Night
S04E022011-07-21 Rendition
S04E012011-07-14 The New World
S03E052009-07-10 Children of Earth (5)
S03E042009-07-09 Children of Earth (4)
S03E032009-07-08 Children of Earth (3)
S03E022009-07-07 Children of Earth (2)
S03E012009-07-06 Children of Earth (1)
S02E132008-04-04 Exit Wounds
S02E122008-03-21 Fragments
S02E112008-03-19 Adrift
S02E102008-03-12 From Out of the Rain
S02E092008-03-05 Something Borrowed
S02E082008-02-27 A Day in the Death (3)
S02E072008-02-20 Dead Man Walking (2)
S02E062008-02-13 Reset (1)
S02E052008-02-13 Adam
S02E042008-02-06 Meat
S02E032008-01-30 To the Last Man
S02E022008-01-23 Sleeper
S02E012008-01-16 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
S01E132007-01-01 End Of Days
S01E122007-01-01 Captain Jack Harkness
S01E112006-12-24 Combat
S01E102006-12-17 Out of Time
S01E092006-12-10 Random Shoes
S01E082006-12-03 They Keep Killing Suzie
S01E072006-11-26 Greeks Bearing Gifts
S01E062006-11-19 Countrycide
S01E052006-11-12 Small Worlds
S01E042006-11-05 Cyberwoman
S01E032006-10-29 Ghost Machine
S01E022006-10-22 Day One
S01E012006-10-22 Everything Changes

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