Show: Royal Pains
Season: 6
Return Date: 2014-06-10

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S06E132014-09-0210 Ganging Up
S06E122014-08-263 A Bigger Boat
S06E112014-08-19 Hankmed on the Half Shell
S06E102014-08-12 Good Air/Bad Air
S06E092014-08-05 Oh, M. G.
S06E082014-07-29 I Did Not See That Coming
S06E072014-07-22 Electric Youth
S06E062014-07-15 Everybody Loves Ray, Man
S06E052014-07-08 Goodwill Stunting
S06E042014-07-01 Steaks on a Plane
S06E032014-06-24 A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough
S06E022014-06-17 All in the Family
S06E012014-06-10 Smoke and Mirrors
S05E132013-09-11 Bones To Pick
S05E122013-09-04 A Trismus Story
S05E112013-08-28 Open Invitation
S05E102013-08-21 Game of Phones
S05E092013-08-14 Pins and Needles
S05E082013-08-07 Hammertime
S05E072013-07-31 Chock Full O' Nuts
S05E062013-07-24 Can Of Worms
S05E052013-07-17 Vertigo
S05E042013-07-10 Pregnant Paws
S05E032013-06-26 Lawson Translation
S05E022013-06-19 Blythe Spirits
S05E012013-06-12 Hankwatch
S04E162012-12-16 Off-Season Greetings (2)
S04E152012-12-16 Off-Season Greetings (1)
S04E142012-09-19 Sand Legs
S04E132012-09-12 Something Fishy This Way Comes
S04E122012-09-05 Hurts Like A Mother
S04E112012-08-29 Dancing With The Devil
S04E102012-08-22 Who's Your Daddy?
S04E092012-08-15 Business And Pleasure
S04E082012-08-01 Manimal
S04E072012-07-25 Fools Russian
S04E062012-07-18 About Face
S04E052012-07-11 You Give Love A Bad Name
S04E042012-06-27 Dawn Of The Med
S04E032012-06-20 A Guesthouse Divided
S04E022012-06-13 Imperfect Storm
S04E012012-06-06 After The Fireworks
S03E162012-02-22 This One's For Jack
S03E152012-02-15 Hank And The Deep Blue Sea
S03E142012-02-08 Bottoms Up
S03E132012-02-01 My Back To The Future
S03E122012-01-25 Some Pig
S03E112012-01-18 A Farewell To Barnes
S03E102011-08-31 A Little Art, A Little Science
S03E092011-08-24 Me First
S03E082011-08-17 Run, Hank, Run
S03E072011-08-10 Ta Da For
S03E062011-08-03 An Apple A Day
S03E052011-07-27 A Man Called Grandpa
S03E042011-07-20 The Shaw/Hank Redemption
S03E032011-07-13 Rash Talk
S03E022011-07-06 But There's A Catch
S03E012011-06-29 Traffic
S02E182011-02-24 Listen to the Music
S02E172011-02-17 Fight or Flight
S02E162011-02-10 Astraphobia
S02E152011-02-03 A History of Violins
S02E142011-01-27 Pit Stop
S02E132011-01-20 Mulligan
S02E122010-08-26 Open Up Your Yenta Mouth And Say Ah
S02E112010-08-19 Big Whoop
S02E102010-08-12 Whole Lotto Love
S02E092010-08-05 Frenemies
S02E082010-07-29 The Hankover
S02E072010-07-22 Comfort's Overrated
S02E062010-07-15 In Vino Veritas
S02E052010-07-01 Mano A Mano
S02E042010-06-24 Medusa
S02E032010-06-17 Keeping the Faith
S02E022010-06-10 Lovesick
S02E012010-06-03 Spasticity
S01E122009-08-27 Wonderland
S01E112009-08-20 Nobody's Perfect
S01E102009-08-13 Am I Blue?
S01E092009-08-06 It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again
S01E082009-07-30 The Honeymoon's Over
S01E072009-07-23 Crazy Love
S01E062009-07-16 If I Were a Sick Man
S01E052009-07-09 No Man Is an Island
S01E042009-06-25 TB or Not TB
S01E032009-06-18 Strategic Planning
S01E022009-06-11 There Will Be Food
S01E012009-06-04 Pilot

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