Suits Season 3 march return trailer
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Suits renewed for a 3rd season
USA has finally ordered another season of its new hit Suits, which is currently on hiatus and halfway through its second season. Season 3 will run for 16 episodes when it gets underway next summer. Hey USA, just go ahead and order a fourth season and a fifth season now, why don't ya?

Show: Suits
Season: 4
Return Date: 2014-07-09

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S04E102014-08-2018 This is Rome
S04E092014-08-1311 Gone
S04E082014-08-064 Exposure
S04E072014-07-30 We're Done
S04E062014-07-23 Litt the Hell Up
S04E052014-07-16 Pound of Flesh
S04E042014-07-09 Leveraged
S04E032014-06-25 Two in the Knees
S04E022014-06-18 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
S04E012014-06-11 One-Two-Three Go...
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S03E162014-04-10 No Way Out
S03E152014-04-03 Know When to Fold 'Em
S03E142014-03-27 Heartburn
S03E132014-03-20 Moot Point
S03E122014-03-13 Yesterday's Gone
S03E112014-03-06 Buried Secrets
S03E102013-09-17 Stay
S03E092013-09-10 Bad Faith
S03E082013-09-03 Endgame
S03E072013-08-27 She's Mine
S03E062013-08-20 The Other Time
S03E052013-08-13 Shadow Of A Doubt
S03E042013-08-06 Conflict Of Interest
S03E032013-07-30 Unfinished Business
S03E022013-07-23 I Want You To Want Me
S03E012013-07-16 The Arrangement
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S02E162013-02-21 War
S02E152013-02-14 Normandy
S02E142013-02-07 He's Back
S02E132013-01-31 Zane Vs. Zane
S02E122013-01-24 Blood in the Water
S02E112013-01-17 Blind-Sided
S02E102012-08-23 High Noon
S02E092012-08-16 Asterisk
S02E082012-08-09 Rewind
S02E072012-08-02 Sucker Punch
S02E062012-07-26 All In
S02E052012-07-19 Break Point
S02E042012-07-12 Discovery
S02E032012-06-28 Meet the New Boss
S02E022012-06-21 The Choice
S02E012012-06-14 She Knows
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S01E122011-09-08 Dog Fight
S01E112011-09-01 Rules Of The Game
S01E102011-08-25 The Shelf Life
S01E092011-08-18 Undefeated
S01E082011-08-11 Identity Crisis
S01E072011-08-04 Play The Man
S01E062011-07-28 Tricks of the Trade
S01E052011-07-21 Bail Out
S01E042011-07-14 Dirty Little Secrets
S01E032011-07-07 Inside Track
S01E022011-06-30 Errors and Omissions
S01E012011-06-23 Pilot
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