Show: Chicago Fire
Season: 3
Return Date: 2014-09-23

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episodeairdatedays till airtitle
S03E042014-10-1452 Apologies are Dangerous
S03E032014-10-0745 Just Drive the Truck
S03E022014-09-3038 Season 3, Episode 2
S03E012014-09-2331 Always
S02E222014-05-13 Real Never Waits
S02E212014-05-06 One More Shot
S02E202014-04-29 A Dark Day (1)
S02E192014-04-15 A Heavy Weight
S02E182014-04-08 Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
S02E172014-03-18 When Things Got Rough
S02E162014-03-11 A Rocket Blasting Off
S02E152014-03-04 Keep Your Mouth Shut
S02E142014-02-25 Virgin Skin
S02E132014-01-21 Tonight's The Night
S02E122014-01-14 Out With A Bang
S02E112014-01-07 Shoved In My Face
S02E102013-12-10 Not Like This
S02E092013-12-03 You Will Hurt Him
S02E082013-11-26 Rhymes With Shout
S02E072013-11-19 No Regrets
S02E062013-11-12 Joyriding
S02E052013-10-22 A Power Move
S02E042013-10-15 A Nuisance Call
S02E032013-10-08 Defcon 1
S02E022013-10-01 Prove It
S02E012013-09-24 A Problem House
S01E242013-05-22 A Hell of a Ride
S01E232013-05-15 Let Her Go
S01E222013-05-08 Leaders Lead
S01E212013-05-01 Retaliation Hit
S01E202013-04-03 Ambition
S01E192013-03-27 A Coffin That Small
S01E182013-03-20 Fireworks
S01E172013-02-27 Better To Lie
S01E162013-02-20 Viral
S01E152013-02-13 Nazdarovya!
S01E142013-02-06 A Little Taste
S01E132013-01-30 Warm and Dead
S01E122013-01-09 Under The Knife
S01E112013-01-02 God Has Spoken
S01E102012-12-19 Merry Christmas, Etc.
S01E092012-12-12 It Ain't Easy
S01E082012-12-05 Leaving The Station
S01E072012-11-21 Two Families
S01E062012-11-14 Rear View Mirror
S01E052012-11-07 Hanging On
S01E042012-10-31 One Minute
S01E032012-10-24 Professional Courtesy
S01E022012-10-17 Mon Amour
S01E012012-10-10 Pilot

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