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The Librarians trailer
2014-09-24 by thepoperopeThe Librariansdiscuss
Tentatively titled "The Librarians", the proposed series would revolve around a group of younger men and women eager to become Flynn's successor as the protector of secret artifacts.

Best recap of the blacklist season 1
2014-09-17 by thepoperopeThe Blacklistdiscuss

Cristela Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeCristeladiscuss

Selfie Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeSelfiediscuss

Manhattan Love Story Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeManhattan Love Storydiscuss

How to get away with murder trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeHow To Get Away With Murderdiscuss

Black-Ish trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeBlack-ishdiscuss

Madam Secretary super extended trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeMadam Secretarydiscuss

Rush Extended Trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeRushdiscuss

Once Upon a Time Season 4 first trailer
2014-09-16 by thepoperopeOnce upon a timediscuss

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